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Today’s Word in Westbrook: Proficiency

From Keep ME Current

Published October 2, 2015

By Andrew Rice

In Amy Troiano’s sophomore honors biology class last week at Westbrook High School, students wore bright-colored goggles, poured various substances – including blended liver – in and out of glass beakers, and recorded the results.

The classroom atmosphere appeared no different from years past, but the way students were being evaluated for their work was. Troiano’s students were all working to fulfill their “structure and function” standard within the Next Generation science standards. In order to be deemed proficient in the standard, students must show they know the material in a variety of ways, which in this case means graphing data, completing lab reports and creating models.

Troiano says her students know exactly what is expected of them.

“Where in a traditional system they might just get points for different aspects, here there’s a rubric that says ‘if your lab report looks like this, you’ve met the standard. If you do this, you’ve gone beyond,’” she said.

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