New England Secondary School Consortium

Great Schools Partnership

The Great Schools Partnership is a nonprofit school-support and educational leadership organization committed to developing an equitable, rigorous, and personalized education system that prepares every student for college, work, and global citizenship. Its mission is to develop and advocate for sustainable educational policies, effective school leadership, proven instructional practices, and student-centered learning models built on strong community connections. Bringing decades of collective service in support of public schools, the Partnership has developed a broad-based expertise in program design and coordination, professional development and leadership training, resource and tool development, secondary school change, and mission-driven school coaching.

As the lead coordinator of the New England Secondary School Consortium, the Partnership provides grant administration, logistical support, strategic planning, group facilitation, and school-change expertise to the Consortium states and partners. The Partnership advocates a “schoolhouse to statehouse” approach to educational transformation that is focused on systems change and coherence, practical strategies and applications, and long-term sustainability beyond the life of a particular program or funding source. Operationally, the Partnership works to connect educational policy and school leadership to proven, research-based practices that improve student aspirations, achievement, and outcomes.

Core Beliefs

As a mission-driven organization, the Partnership stands behind the following core beliefs: 

  1. Every student deserves to be held to high expectations.
  2. High-quality teaching and learning is every student’s right, every day.
  3. A collegiate education must be an accessible and attainable option for every student who has earned a high school diploma.
  4. Schools must model civic responsibility, social justice, and multicultural understanding.

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