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Local Colleges: No Grades? No Problem.

From The Burlington Free Press

Published January 3, 2017

By Alexandre Silberman

While some Burlington High School students worry that their school’s shift to individualized learning will hurt their access to higher education, representatives from regional colleges say the change will have minimal impact on admissions.

“I think it’s a major concern for students and families as they go to incredibly competitive colleges around the country,” said Jocelyn Fletcher Scheuch, the Burlington School District’s proficiency-based learning coordinator.

The switch to proficiency or standards-based learning comes as Vermont law (under Act 77) mandates that public schools provide flexible and personalized pathways toward graduation. This school year marks the start of full implementation at the high school.

Fletcher Scheuch believes the high school will maintain its reputation among college admissions officers of providing quality education and that the new system will boost confidence in what students have learned and how well they’ve learned it.

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