New England Secondary School Consortium

About the League

Founded in 2011, the League of Innovative Schools is a regional professional learning community for schools. Membership is open to any New England secondary school—including charter schools, private schools, and career-and-technical institutions—committed to educational equity, student-centered learning, and ongoing improvement. All participating schools will become part of a growing network of learning institutions working to strengthen their programs, exchange professional expertise, and create better learning opportunities for their students.


The League of Innovative Schools:

  1. Connects educators. We know that collaboration and strong professional relationships motivate, accelerate, and sustain school improvement, and that school leaders and teachers are more effective when they work together. The League of Innovative Schools brings together educators working to build stronger communities, create more energized learning environments, and get better results for students.
  2. Spreads good ideas. Educators are an endless source of inspiration and innovation for other educators. When good ideas are shared, and when educators discuss what works and what doesn’t, our schools improve, teachers are more professionally fulfilled, and students graduate better prepared for life. The League of Innovative Schools is forum for school leaders and teachers to exchange expertise and learn from their colleagues.
  3. Accelerates improvement. Innovation does not happen in a vacuum—the best ideas come from collective enterprise and shared knowledge. When schools work together, they get better results and they get them quicker. The League of Innovative Schools helps educators learn what’s worked—and what hasn’t—in other New England schools.


The League of Innovative Schools is founded on three core beliefs:

  1. Educators create great schools. Skilled teachers and strong leaders matter far more than funding levels or facilities. Schools are only as effective as the educators who lead them.
  2. Every school can improve. Learning is a lifelong process—for students and educators. The highest performing schools are continually learning, improving, and seeking out what works.
  3. Collaboration drives success. In the world’s most effective schools, teachers work together and develop a sense of collective responsibility. They are committed to their students, to their community, and to one another.


  1. Strong schools are the best job-creation program we have. Imagination, expertise, creativity, entrepreneurialism—these are the assets that drive innovation, create new industries, and produce the most sought-after workers. Preparing every student for success will strengthen our economy and empower our communities.
  2. Strong schools are the foundation of our society. Democracy, opportunity, prosperity, equality—the values that have defined America—depend on an informed, engaged, well-educated citizenry. To prepare the next generation of citizens and leaders, we need great schools for every student.
  3. Strong schools create strong communities. Schools are the cornerstones of our communities. We celebrate our students, cheer on our local teams, and welcome graduates into our workplaces, institutions, and families. To keep our communities vibrant, prosperous, and thriving, we need great schools.


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