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Connecticut’s Graduation Rate Continues to Rise

From New Haven Register

Published March 19, 2015

By Mary O’Leary

Public high school graduation rates in the state continued to increase in 2014, climbing 1.5 points to 87 percent.

The state Department of Education released figures this week showing that graduation rates are now up a total of 5.2 percentage points since 2010.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said those rates are the highest in four years for all student groups, with the exception of English language learners, which dropped 0.8 points.

Overall, graduation rates have increased in the past five years, Malloy said.

Schools in New Haven increased 13 points since 2010 to a 75.5 percent graduation rate in 2014, according to the state, up 4.1 points in a year.

Since 2013, statewide graduation rates for black students increased by 2.9 points to 78.6 percent; for Hispanic students it was 74 percent, an increase of 3.8 points; for white students, it was 92.2 percent, up 3.9 points; and for non-Hispanic students it was 89.9 percent, a 1.1 point increase.

Over the last four years, graduation rates increased by nearly 10 points for black students, by 10 points for Hispanic students and by 13.2 points for low-income students, as measured by students who get free or reduced-price school lunches.

Malloy said for the first time, Connecticut’s public school high school seniors are number one in reading and in the top tier in math.

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