New England Secondary School Consortium

Call for Proposals


The New England Secondary School Consortium is inviting schools, community-based organizations, and education stakeholders from New England and across the nation to submit proposals to lead breakout sessions for the 10th annual School Redesign in Action conference, March 25 & 26, 2019 in Norwood, MA. The School Redesign in Action conference is the New England Secondary School Consortium’s annual conference for educators and stakeholders to share lessons learned in the journey towards personalized learning. Participants will exchange best practices, problem-solve together, and continue to build momentum and public support for innovations that personalize learning for all students. CLICK HERE for more information about the conference.


Seventy-five minute breakout sessions are expected to share strategies that showcase how school or district efforts have led to a more equitable, rigorous, and personalized experience for students. Components of personalized learning could include proficiency-based graduation and multiple/flexible pathways. Sessions may focus on positive shifts in the student experience and how teacher learning and increased community engagement can support such improvements.

The Consortium is also requesting proposals for breakout sessions that increase participants’ capacity to foster authentic school-community engagement, establish meaningful relationships with marginalized groups in schools and/or communities, and strengthen partnerships to improve outcomes for all students.

Proposals will be reviewed the second week of November and primary contacts will be notified of their status by November 20, 2018.

Each presenting team will receive up to three (3) complimentary registrations.

The deadline for submitting proposals is Thursday, November 1, 2018.

Presenting teams will be asked to follow a general format for their breakout session that is designed to:

  1. Narrow the focus in order to dig deeper into a particular practice or approach.
  2. Align with the goals of the NESSC and NESSC’s Global Best Practices.
  3. Fully engage participants.

Our Session Protocol outlines our expectations for sessions. In addition, all presenters selected for the conference will be expected to participate in a 30-minute webinar in early January that will review the organization of the conference and outline best practices for meaningful and engaging sessions.

Breakout sessions can include skill building, knowledge building, and/or critical conversations. Skill building introduces participants to a particular skill or set of skills that they can apply immediately to their work. Knowledge building shares information about a meaningful topic so that participants are able to leave the session knowing next steps they can take to use this knowledge in their work. Critical conversations provide a relevant, inspiring, thought ­provoking topic and skillfully facilitate a conversation among participants.

For a sense of what is expected in proposals, please see titles and descriptions from previous years at the archived conferences link.

You and your team will want to review the NESSC’s Global Best Practices and the Session Protocol and prepare the information needed for your proposal before submitting online through this link.

The information you will need to submit a proposal online:

  • One facilitator who will be your point of contact with NESSC
  • Full names, roles, and email addresses for all facilitators
  • Session title (no more than 15 words)
  • Content strand (student, family, + community engagement, teaching + learning, organizational design, school + district leadership, student voice + choice)
  • Session outcomes (no more than 50 words)
  • Session description (no more than 150 words)
  • Session components (no more than 50 words)

For more information,  please contact Becky Vance, or 207-773-0505.