New England Secondary School Consortium

Membership Overview

The decision to become a member of the League of Innovative Schools (LIS) is made by the principal of the participating schools—membership is entirely voluntary and there is no cost to join.

Before joining, interested schools will be asked to carefully review the vision, mission, and goals of the New England Secondary School Consortium and to consider completing a Global Best Practices self-assessment process. 


The League of Innovative Schools believes in educator-driven improvement, research-based best practices, and professional self-accountability that is ground in shared commitment and ongoing collaboration. The LIS serves to connect educators, spread good ideas, and accelerate improvement.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Collective knowledge and experience of over 170 secondary schools (gr 6-12)  across New England
  • Regional conferences and state-level events devoted to learning with and from one another
  • Access to resources and tools designed to support the implementation of personalized learning
  • LIS website and online collaboration space
  • Support in conducting a self-assessment with faculty using Global Best Practices
  • Access to facilitated Principal Professional Learning Groups 


After joining the LIS, participating principals and leadership teams will be encouraged to:

  1. Conduct a self-assessment using Global Best Practices: Click HERE to download the tool, a summary of background research, and a facilitator’s guide. 
  2. Participate in League opportunities and professional development: Member schools may send a team of teachers and leaders to state-level and regional LIS events. Efforts will be made to design these meetings and conferences in response to the specific needs of member schools.

  3. Host and participate in school visits: Member schools will participate in school visits to further their own learning and support the work of other League members. We encourage teams to participate in at least one site visit annually. 
  4. Contribute to action research: The League promotes evidence-based school improvement. The Consortium will provide resources to facilitate the collection and analysis of data, and may ask schools to share information and insights about their work. Participating schools may also be asked to participate in annual surveys, interviews, or case-study research focused on capturing innovative practices.


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