New England Secondary School Consortium

LIS Activities and Fees

There is no cost to join the League of Innovative Schools (LIS); in addition, there are no fees to maintain your membership. Fees apply only when you attend an LIS event or participate in the Global Best Practices self-assessment process. This enables us to provide frequent and thoughtful learning and networking opportunities to our members at the lowest possible cost. 

Below you will find a list of activities that are available to LIS members, as well as all associated fees. Please visit our schedule of events to find out when and where you can participate. 

LIS Fall Conference | October 28, 2019

Join the Great Schools Partnership and other members of the LIS for a powerful and engaging day of customized learning. Focus on policy, practice, or community engagement—or choose to attend sessions in all three categories. This conference intentionally creates conditions for networking and learning from and with other members. We encourage participating in this event as a team, inclusive of a diverse group of teachers, administrators, students, and community partners.

$175  per adult,
$25 per student,

Open only to LIS member schools

In-State and Regional Meetings

At least one in-state meeting per year will be offered in each member state. These meetings enable educators to collaborate with colleagues from across each member state who are committed to educational equity, student-centered learning, and ongoing school improvement. Engage in collegial conversations, shared learning, and critical feedback sessions with educators who have varied perspectives and knowledge. In-state meetings may be open to non-member schools who are interested in learning more about the LIS.

In addition, regional meetings will be offered—each in a different New England state. As with in-state meetings, regional meetings enable educators to engage with like-minded colleagues on topics important to them. The difference is that participants will come from all over New England. Only member schools may register for regional meetings.

Please note: In-state and/or regional meetings may involve school visits.

$35.00 pp (members)

$50 pp (non-members, in-state meeting only)

NESSC School Redesign in Action Conference

The New England Secondary School Consortium’s (NESSC) annual two-day conference takes place in March and showcases best practices from educators throughout the region and the country. LIS members can register at a discounted rate during the early bird registration period.

$295 pp early bird

$425 pp standard

LIS Pre-Conference Session at the NESSC School Redesign in Action Conference

Among the pre-conference sessions at the NESSC School Redesign in Action conference is one designed exclusively for LIS members. Participate in this members-only session for half the cost of other pre-conferences sessions.

$25.00 per person
Open to LIS member schools only

Principals’ Professional Learning Group (PLG)

Principals of LIS member schools are invited to register and commit to attending three in-person sessions using professional learning group practices.

$275 per principal,
Open to LIS member schools only

Global Best Practices Self-Assessment Process

School teams will receive support in planning for, facilitating, and analyzing the results of a self-assessment process with staff. Schools will receive 1.5 days of on-site support and 0.5-1.0 days of off-site planning and virtual support.




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