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September 25, 2019 | New Haven Academy

Join members of the League of Innovative Schools from across Connecticut for a day of learning and discussion at New Haven Academy. We will spend the day visiting classrooms and discussion at New Haven Academy.

We will spend the day visiting classrooms to look for and learn from:
-Differentiation strategies in action
-Meaningful feedback taking place during learning

Finally, school teams will have an opportunity to engage in discussing problems of practice related to their own work.

Classroom Visit Walkthrough Tool
Quick Fire Consultancy

May 1, 2019 | Irving A. Robbins Middle School

The Farmington Public Schools have been working as a district to improve student learning by focusing on changes in curriculum, assessment, instruction, and social-emotional learning.  This school year, the teaching and learning goal for Irving A. Robbins Middle School is: to develop assessment-capable learners who accurately monitor, evaluate, and reflect on their own achievement data in order to set goals for improvement. The focus of our classroom visits will be to find evidence of students doing this important work. 

Presentation slides
2018-19 School Improvement Plan
Rounds schedule and notes sheet

February 5, 2019 | Connecticut Association of Schools

Presentation Slides
Brookhart Tools for Formative Assessment
Building Proficiency Systems Graphic
Unit Planning Template
Quick Fire Consultancy

Document Pass:
Designing Summative Assessments – Protocol
Scoring Criteria Overview
Redo and Retakes Done Right
Questions for Examining Grading and Reporting Systems
Inside Black Box Marshall Memo Summary
Grading Practice Action Steps
Formative Assessment Design Guide
Dylan Wiliam on the Powerful Potential of Formative Assessment
Brief 4: Mastery-Based Learning
Brief 5: Mastery-Based Diploma Assessment
5 Myths of Standards-Based Grading

We will focus this meeting on the topic of Assessing in a Mastery-Based Learning System.  We will look at assessment design, scoring criteria, the role of formative assessment, and reporting of student assessments.  In the afternoon, we will gather in school/district based teams and then you will have the opportunity to share your work with other schools/districts for feedback in moving forward.

January 7, 2019 | High School in the Community


High School in the Community has spent the past several years moving from “turnaround school” to a transformation school dedicated to building lasting change in students’ lives.  While pursuing a comprehensive reform strategy that has resulted in steadily climbing graduation rates, SAT scores, and attendance,  the school has simultaneously engaged in furthering their work in project-based instruction, the development of an effective electronic portfolio, and sustaining a positive school culture for students and staff alike.  You will have a unique opportunity to learn about and give feedback to the school about their school transformation efforts and next steps.

November 9, 2018 | Connecticut Association of Schools

Participants will have an opportunity to explore the Elements of Effective Instruction tool in depth and engage in discussions about how it can be used in schools to improve instructional practices.  The afternoon session will be an opportunity for school teams to give and receive feedback from like-minded schools engaged in school improvement efforts.  Schools are encouraged to attend in teams with at least one school building leader. 

Presentation slides
About the League
Profile of a Student activity
Elements of Effective Instruction
Elements of Effective Instruction Self-Assessment
Final Word Protocol
Quick Fire Consultancy