New England Secondary School Consortium


The New England Secondary School Consortium is committed to fostering in-state and cross-state networks that can help the five states pursue their common mission. The following partner organizations each play a vital role in the Consortium, lending leadership, expertise, and resources to New England’s educators.

Nellie Mae Education Foundation

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation is the largest philanthropic organization in New England that focuses exclusively on education. The Foundation supports the promotion and integration of student-centered approaches to learning at the middle and high school levels across New England—where learning is personalized; learning is competency-based; learning takes place anytime, anywhere; and students exert ownership over their own learning. To elevate student-centered approaches, the Foundation utilizes a four-part strategy that focuses on: building educator ownership, leadership and capacity; advancing quality and rigor of student-centered learning practices; developing effective systems designs; and building public understanding and demand. Since 1998, the Foundation has distributed more than $180 million in grants. Nellie Mae Education Foundation is a member of the New England Secondary School Consortium Council. [website]

New England Association of Schools and Colleges

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) provides accreditation services for more than 2000 public and private institutions in the six state region—Pre-K through university. Emanating from high quality standards, NEASC accreditation uses self-reflection, peer review and best practices as integral components of its assessment process and monitors the follow-up endeavors leading to continuous school/program improvement. NEASC consists of four Commissions, each of which sets the standards for a particular segment of the educational community. NEASC is a member of the New England Secondary School Consortium Council. [website]

New England Board of Higher Education

Established in 1955, the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) is a nonprofit, congressionally authorized agency that works to develop and implement strategies to increase the economic competitiveness and well-being of the region and its citizens through expanded college participation and success. In pursuit of its mission, NEBHE works across the six New England states to engage and assist leaders in the assessment, development, and implementation of sound education practices and policies of regional significance; promote policies, programs, and best practices to assist the states in implementing important regional higher education policies; promote regional cooperation and programs that encourage the efficient use and sharing of educational resources; and provide leadership to strengthen the relationship between higher education and the economic well-being of New England. NEBHE is a member of the New England Secondary School Consortium Council. [website]